Building Component

Sika is a world leader in bonding, sealing, dampening and reinforcing solutions, both for on-site and for industrial applications, since almost a century. In our BU Industry, we have developed a wide range of technologies and products designed to help our industrial customers achieve faster production, gain material costs and / or achieve innovative designs and improved product performance.

Finding the right adhesive or sealant to suit a specification is surely a critical and necessary step in the range of services you can expect from Sika, but we can provide much more than this. Our technical service staff will cooperate with your technical teams to deliver proven solutions and to document the performance of the solution that we recommend.

We know that the adhesive or the sealant is only a part of the total solution, and our market field experts are here to coordinate the wider project, making sure for instance that all products show excellent long term compatibility with each other.

Our system engineers collaborate with leading equipment and line manufacturers across the world and their responsibility is to advise you how to optimize our products’ application in order to achieve flawless integration and optimal production process.