Sika® Igasol® Emulsion BA-10

lgasol Emulsion BA is a brown-black rubberized bitumen liquid emulsion with excellent adhesion, which dries to a tough, seamless, flexible, waterproof and vapour-proof membrane for concrete structures. Suitable for tropical and hot climatic conditions.

  • Igasol Emulsion BA provides Excellent adhesion to moist building substrates
  • Resistant to chlorides, sulphates
  • Efficient curing membrane to freshly laid concrete
  • Single component
  • Water based , non toxic
  • Economical , easy to apply, reduces labour costs
  • Can be applied on vertical and horizontal surface. Impermeable to water
  • Seamless, joint free
  • Elastic to bridge structural hair-cracks
  • Unaffected by high ambient temperature
  • High resistance to aggressive soils and contaminated ground water Low odour, dries without generating strong vapours