Sika® Seal-105-PK is a cement based, polymer modified, two component,multi purpose waterproofing slurry. Sika®Seal-105 combines a crystallization action and pore blocking effect with the excellent waterproofing ability of special polymers, fillers, and properly graded aggregates.

SikaMur Injecto Cream-100

SikaMur®-InjectoCream is a water repellent cream. It is inserted into a series of holes drilled into a mortar course of the masonry by means of a simple application gun. Once injected to the mortar course, SikaMur®-InjectoCream will diffuse within the damp wall to form a water repellent barrier (Damp-Proof Course, DPC) and block future rising damp.  

Sika Raingard

Sika® Raingard is a flexible, liquid applied, single component, ultra violet rays and weather resistant, acrylic waterproofing membrane for all types of exposed roof slabs (new and old), terraces (sloped and flat) etc.

Sika Lite-101

Sika® Lite-101 is a ready to use waterproofing powder admixture for cement/sand mortars. It is used to waterproof cement/sand mortars, screeds and renders for walls, facades, floor toppings and jointing mortars.

SikaProof Concrete

SikaProof® Concrete is a normal setting waterproofer, the action of which is to block the capillaries and pores in concrete and mortar. While blocking the passage of water it allows the structure to breathe, thus considerably reducing the possibility of condensation.

SikaProof DPC

SikaProof® DPC is an Integral waterprooing admixture for DPC. SikaProof® DPC is the basis of the internationally known Sika Structural Waterprooing System, which is completely suited to most types of brick and concrete structures subjected to water pressure and dampness both internal and external sources.

Sika BituSeal

Sika BituSeal is a liquid emulsion waterproofing & protective coating with excellent adhesion which dries to a tough seamless, waterproof and protective coating for concrete structures and steel elements.