Resistant to weathering and seawater, Sika sealants are the perfect all-rounders for exterior applications. Interior sealants are ideal to seal furnishings and fittings on ships, yachts and sailing boats.

Exterior Sealing in Marine Construction

External Sealing with Sika sealants on a yacht

Sealants for Exterior Sealing Applications

Resistant to weathering and seawater, Sikaflex®-591 is the perfect all-rounder: an all-purpose flexible marine hybrid sealant that bonds extremely well to all standard materials used in boat construction. Its outstanding elasticity ensures a durable, long-lasting seal alike all other Sikaflex® Marine sealants and adhesives. Sikaflex®-295 UV features 1-C, easy to apply, high elastomeric characteristics.

Sealing applications
Chain plates
Deck Fittings and Hardware
Ports, etc.

Best Recommended Products for Exterior Sealing of Ships and Boats

Frequently Asked Questions

How to bond a rub rail?

You will find different variations and materials for rub rails such as GRP, paints, wood and moulded PVC, etc. Therefore a good surface preparation is key. Products needed depending on the rub rail material to be bonded.

To ensure a good final result follow the advice given in the pre-treatment chart. Common product for rub rail bonding is our assembly adhesive for marine Sikaflex®-292i or the STP based marine sealant Sikaflex®-591.

For further details read our application guidelines and our pre-treatment chart.

Posted on: 12/11/2019
How to install hatches and fittings on a boat?

Winches, windlasses are subject to high mechanical stresses, fans, hatches and hatch covers to low stresses. To make sure your fittings are sealed strongly we recommend the following:

Bedding and sealing of fittings subject to high mechanical stresses

Deck fittings such as chain plates, winches and guide rollers must absorb very high dynamic stresses. For this purpose, a high-performance product, Sikaflex®-292i, our assembly adhesive, should be used in conjunction with additional mechanical fixings.

Bedding and sealing of fittings subject to minimal mechanical stresses

Deck fittings, such as ventilators and cover strips, need to be waterproofed but are not subject to high tensile or torsion stresses.

These fittings can be effectively bedded and sealed with only Sikaflex®-291i or if the joint remains visible and is exposed to weathering, then use Sikaflex®-591 or Sikaflex®-295 UV.

Check pre-treatment chart for surface preparation of substrates prior to application and follow application steps according to application guidelines.

For further details read our application guidelines and our pre-treatment chart.

Posted on: 12/11/2019