SikaTack® GO!

SikaTack Go! is a cold-applied windshield adhesive with a safe drive away time of 2 hours3. It is easy to apply and exhibits excel-lent properties such as suitability for black-primerless application, compatibility with glass mounted aerials, is non-conductive and offers quality combined with safety. SikaTack Go! is designed for glass replacement of direct glazed passenger cars.

  • Easy to Gun
  • Black-primerless
  • Short cut-off string
  • Very good non-sag properties
  • Easy and clean application
  • Sika All-in-One Modulus
  • Suitable for cars with integral antennas
  • Short Safe Drive-Away Time3 (according FMVSS 212/208 with double-side airbags, no seat-belts)
  • No contact corrosion on alumi-nium
  • Solvent-free