Sika provides one of the most comprehensive sets of solutions dedicated to tile setting, façade protection and decoration, as well as interior wall finishing, for both residential and commercial buildings. The offering comprises tile adhesives and grouts, systems for under-tile waterproofing and sound reduction, as well as Facade finish coatings and Exterior Insulation Finish Systems.

The final stage of any new construction project is the finishing phase. The finished details are what truly counts to bring the project from raw structure to a livable, usable, beautiful space. From interior walls to facades, from tiny joints to huge floor areas, Sika can help finish the job with solutions that are durable, long-lasting, protective, and stunning.

Main Application Areas

  • Tile adhesives and grouts
  • Under tile acoustic insulation
  • Under tile waterproofing
  • Facade protection and decoration
  • Interior wall leveling & finishing

Tiling on New or Renovated Balconies

Tiling in and around Swimming Pools

Tiling with Marble, Granite & Other natural stone

Tiling with Porcelain Stoneware

Tiling on Facades

Tiling in Wet Rooms

Tiling on Dry Floors in Dry Areas

Tiling with Large-Format Ceramic