On utility Roof Decks the top layer is designed as a wearing surface for pedestrian and / or vehicular traffic.

Utility roof decks can help to create more utilized space and can bring additional value to the building. They can generate an increased return on investment by using the roof for a car park, restaurant area or any other viable purpose or facility.

Advantages of Sika Utility Roof Decks

Utility roof decks share many features with gravel and green roof ballasted systems:

  • The membrane is protected against any aggressive environmental exposure and mechanical damage
  • The natural non-combustible properties of the paved wearing surface contribute significantly to the fire resistance of the whole roof

Sarnafil® membranes for utility roof decks easily resist biological influences and microorganisms. Utility roof decks can be waterproofed easily and securely with liquid applied membranes. Sikalastic® systems provide a unique range of solutions for utility roof deck waterproofing:

Roof terrace of the residential complex Mirador De Los Ocobos Armenia, Colombia

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