Cementitious Grouting

Cement based grouting products are suitable for different fixing and bedding applications as machinery bases, bearing plates, steel frames, etc.

Epoxy Grouts

Epoxy based grouting products are suitable in selected applications, e.g. for high strength bearing areas, early flexural and compressive strength, dynamic loading, etc.

Cable Grouts

Use for permanent grouting of horizontal and vertical post-tensioned cable ducts of reinforced concrete bridges.


Injection is a procedure of pumping cement-based, polyurethane-based, epoxy-based or acrylate-based material into damaged or cracked structures to securely seal leaks, repair compromised structures and make them watertight again for the long term.

Fixing and Anchoring

Sika provide a full range of hand and machine applied polymer grouts based on different technologies for all methods of fixing and damping of railway, tram and metro tracks. Sika’s special know-how allows the reduction of noise and vibration for LRT track sections under discrete base plates, for all type of substrates.