In gravel ballasted Roofing Systems the waterproofing membrane is covered and ballasted against wind uplift and other exposures with a layer of gravel.

Conventional gravel ballasted roofs have been established in most markets for many years and are suitable on most flat roofs and bearing structures. Sika has a proven track record of over 30 years supplying this type of system. With the Sarnafil® and Sikalastic® product ranges, Sika can provide both single ply and liquid applied membranes for these roofs according to the client’s specific requirements.

Advantages of Gravel Ballasted Roof Systems

Thanks to the simple buildup of a gravel ballasted roof, the system also has many advantages during the whole service life.

  • Easy to maintain, low maintenance costs
  • Protection of the waterproofing membrane against environmental exposure and mechanical damage
  • The noncombustible properties of the gravel contribute significantly to the fire resistance of the whole roof.
  • The gravel also prevents flames from spreading across the surface of the roof.
Gravel ballasted roof with single ply membranes

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