SikaCeram®-850 Design is a 2-part, epoxy floor / wall tile coloured grout dispensed using a double side-by side cartridge. It has a smooth glossy finish which provides a durable chemical resistant surface for demanding applications and high cleanliness requirements.


▪ Grout Joint range: 2–15 mm
▪ Easy application using cartridge gun
▪ 2-part double side-by-side cartridge with static mixer nozzle
▪ Floor and wall application
▪ Available in many colours
▪ Low shrinkage
▪ Abrasion resistant
▪ Good chemical resistance
▪ Good workability
▪ Stain resistant and easy to clean


Grouting tiles for the following interior residential and commercial building applications:
▪ Wet rooms
▪ Shopping malls
▪ Hospitals
▪ Commercial / Industrial kitchens
▪ Food industry
▪ Swimming pools (indoors)