Sika is known as a reliable and innovative system provider which supplies not only membranes, but also accessories. It has a big range of roofing accessories with reliable quality and reasonable design. According to the customer's needs, Sika will recommend the most suitable and economical products.

Vapour Control Layers

Vapor control layers are placed between the substrate and the thermal insulation to prevent the roof build-up from absorbing moisture.

Adhesives - Sarnacol

Adhered Roofing Systems are one of the main specialties and focuses of Sika Roofing. Our extensive experience in adhesive technologies has resulted in a wide range of high-performance adhesives covering all of the possible bonding needs in roofing. Sika provides well proven solutions for bonding roofing membranes and thermal insulation to almost any common substrate.


Fasteners are crucical components especially in mechanically fastened roof systems. Wind uplift forces and corrosion of the metal are the two most vertical influences that put tough demands on those components of a roofing system.


Levelling Separation Layers

S-Felt is a levelling-layer, that is used between Sarnafil® or Sikaplan® membranes and rough surfaces.

Rainwater Outlets & Accessories

Sika Sarnafil keeps the water out of the building, with providing the right drain for the right system.

Aesthetic Profiles

Lighting Protection

To ensure that Sarnafil roofing systems can accommodate the provision of lightning protection, Sika provides the Sarnafil S conductor clips.

Performed Details

Sarnafil® T Corner 90º CI / WA are made of premium-quality flexible polyolefins by injection moulding procedure.

Protection Sheets


Sarnafil® PVC Walkway Pad is made of high quality PVC from new Sarnafil® factory waste roofing membrane by injection moulding procedure.