A solar roof or rooftop photovoltaic (PV) system is a setup where electricity-generating solar panels are mounted on the roof, utilizing the prime exposure of the rooftop to sunlight and creating one of the most environmentally friendly roofs possible.

Rooftop solar installations are becoming increasingly popular worldwide. More and more building owners see the opportunity to make effective use of their roof space to make a contribution to the environment through sustainable electricity production. Such installations are investments intended to provide a return over the long-term.

Advantages of Solar Roofs

  • Cost savings through solar power purchase agreements, tax credits and income from sale of surplus electricity, if available locally
  • Environmental win by obtaining electricity from a renewable resource without pollution
  • Reliable source of energy in the case of electrical outage when the PV system has battery-powered storage
  • Stable, relatively fixed costs as PV systems are less vulnerable to electricity rate hikes  
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