Structural bonding adhesives from Sika are capable to support high mechanical stresses in order to prevent the possibility of joint fracture due to impact or crushing forces.  

Our wide range of products are based on three major technology  groups: epoxy, acrylic and  polyurethane. These user-centred products are designed to serve customer requirements as a priority whilst being able to compliment or replace traditional fixing methods like rivets, mechanical fixings and welding.

Our global presence and local support will give you the confidence in adhesive selection for innovative designs where traditional methods are no longer the best fit. Our local labs and technicians will assist with validation of systems based on your specific requirements..



Structural Bonding in the construction market includes all solutions for bonding of components to various substrates such as concrete, natural stones or hollow blocks using structural adhesives.
Structural Bonding can be classified in

  • Rigid Bonding: e.g. bonding of large scale concrete segments during segmental bridge construction work)
  • Structural Strengthening: strengthening of concrete structures with fiber-reinforced polymers)
  • Anchoring (fixing of steel rods or steel bars with chemical anchors).