Hydrophobic Impregnations

Hydrophobic impregnations help increase the durability of concrete structures by reducing the water uptake behavior and preventing the ingress of water dissolved contaminants such as chlorides. The aesthetic appearance of the concrete surface will not be changed.


Impregnation increases the concrete strength by filling capillaries and surface pores partly or totally. The ingress of water dissolved contaminants such as chlorides will also be reduced

Protective Coatings

To provide a specific protection such as carbonation or chemical resistance, a film forming protective coat can be applied on the surface. Such protective coatings are available as rigid, plasto-elastic or elastic systems.

Reinforcement Corrosion Protection

Concrete protection also means protecting the embedded steel bars from corrosion. This can be made by applying a protective layer on the reinforcement, by using corrosion inhibitors or by cathodic protection (by galvanic anode or by an induced current).