Sika® Plastiment® SD-1

Compaction aid for semi-dry concrete

Sika® Plastiment® SD-1 is a liquid admixture developed for semi-dry concrete.

Sika® Plastiment® SD-1 offers substantial benefits to the producer of semi-dry concrete products:
  • Efficient dispersion and distribution of cement, additives and pigments
  • Air entrainment
  • Improved movement of the concrete through the machine (faster mould filling)
  • Optimised compaction with shorter pressing time and increased throughput (shorter production cycle)
  • Increased “green” strength on immediate de-moulding [ keeps the shape of freshly de-moulded semi-dry concrete products because it prevents slumping after de-moulding ]
  • More economic concrete mix designs
  • Create superior products
  • Closer textured and more uniform surfaces
  • Consistent product quality due to a homogenous concrete mix
  • Increased density
  • Less variation in densities and strengths across the area of the mould (constant spread of density & strength over the pallet)
  • Increased freeze-thaw resistance
  • Less customer returns and second grade products